Dance 107 Get Their New Uniforms

The dance 107 crew finally get their new uniforms. As a new and growing Street Dance Crew in Mold, Dance 107 have been growing from strength to strength.

The logo was Designed by Kieran Powell who has been experimenting with graphical editing in both print and media.

The new uniforms were funded by a generous donation from Jeanette Danks the founder of Autism Flintshire  .…

Freya Loves Street Dance and Dance 107 – Street Dance Mold

Fraya Practicing the Splits

Freya (pictured) is a very dedicated student of Dance 107 and has shown it very well!

She has managed to get into the splits on both legs due to her consistent training both in street dance class and at home. We are very persistent with our weekly training, and encourage all of our members to practice at home in order to achieve the best of their ability.…