Street Dance to Dubstep

Mixing Dubstep and dance is apparently really hard to do but these guys make it look really easy.

MARQUESE SCOTT & POPPIN JOHN make the art of popping / dance look so easy in a lot of their videos. Both artist have been very successful in life through their talent of mixing dance and dubstep.

Marquese Scott (born November 5, 1981) is an American animation dancer who started firstly with popping dance. His work has been seen in music videos that he creates, TV shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, advertisements, and live performances at award shows. He has signed with Xcel Talent Agency and is part of the dance crew Dragon House.

Popping John won the world hip hip championships in 2008 and has also been very successful with other dancers, Both dancers have a string of online videos to help you learn how to do their moves but as you would expect they are at a price.